How to install and configure Fish instead of Bash?

I saw that Fish is on the repos. But if I install it, I’ll need to do some additional tweaks? Which addons are recomendables? Change the personalized shell command on terminal?

I use Gnome 40 version


HI I recommend you check out fish - ArchWiki if you install it. It won’t be default until you configure it to be default and Oh my fish GitHub - oh-my-fish/oh-my-fish: The Fish Shell Framework if you want to customize fish I don’t have any specific addons to recommend as I don’t use it.

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I recommend not changing the default shell to something other than bash, since it can cause problems with some software. Instead, try changing it in your favorite terminal emulator.

I use fish myself, the only thing I changed was removing the welcome message (I don’t remember how). zsh might be the better choice if you want to really customize your shell.

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Yes, I understand. Right now, I am using zsh on Gnome Terminal, but bash remains as my default shell anyway (I use it by calling on preferences). But I’m interested on a function present on fish, the command sugestion (start typing a command and the rest of its last entry appear on terminal)

fish does that by default, zsh needs modules to have that functionality.

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That’s why I asked about install Fish and configure it…