Error installing package downloaded

pacman -U torguard-latest-amd64-arch-beta.tar.gz
loading packages...
error: missing package metadata in torguard-latest-amd64-arch-beta.tar.gz
error: 'torguard-latest-amd64-arch-beta.tar.gz': invalid or corrupted package

The first question will be WHY?

Because this is supposed to be a package created for Arch by my VPN service.

Non of them work. Beta nor current.

The result is as you see above. It seems broken? Maybe someone with more know how can check these packages?

Hi thanks for reaching out the package you’re trying to install is for Debian and Ubuntu based systems.
However to my knowledge Torguard is available in the AUR to install it you need to execute

yay -S torguard

Let me know if that works

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The reason may be because the file was downloaded with an error.

If you want to try installing torguard, you can do it from our repository, as we have gladly compiled a more up-to-date version than the one in AUR (if it isn’t available yet, wait a bit). You can do it with:

sudo pacman -S torguard

We can’t know what kind of errors you have with that file, but you can try the one we offer here. We try to help all of our users. The WHY of many things is impossible to know, since we are not on your computer.

Greetings, and take care!



Oh JoY OH Happiness!! Seriously!

Thank you to everyone who replied quickly. I didn’t think to look in the AUR. Just thinking it would only be available from them.

It does “say” it is for ARCH. But really much better if we have in the repo.

Thanks a lot and this is great work! Going to grab it now,

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PS, I meant “WHY” as in you guys might ask WHY is this person downloading a package vs using Pacman?


So I just wanted to clarify that “why”… again thanks everyone for the great work!

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Regarding the “why”, I put it in capital letters, like you, to try to answer what I thought was some kind of annoyance with the system. RebornOS (and all Arch Linux-based distributions) have a great source of programs (just see what AUR is) and, in addition, we maintain a repository with some interesting applications.

I hope you find what you are looking for in RebornOS.

Greetings and take care!

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Yes, thank you for all your prompt replies. Community that is helpful is so very welcome.

That is why I wanted to clarify my “WHY”. Because I did get the impression that you thought I had an
issue with the system. But in fact. Not at all.

It was as I said. I was pretty certain that maybe there was some error really in that downloaded package.

It’s really impressive that you guys did indeed make your own package of it that does work.

KUDOS!!! It’s great.

Again praise to what you have created here and of course to Arch which is the base.

Thank you again as well for your replies and help. By the way, I did grab that from the AUR and have it installed already. Great JOB!! You guys.

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Hi @Sabungayam :slightly_smiling_face:. If Rafael’s response has solved your issue, please mark it as a solution. Have a good day!

Oh… yeah. Oops. I should do that… Let me see how to do that. Thank you for the kindly reminder.

@Sabungayam There’s a checkbox :white_check_mark: button below each post. If you don’t see it, you may have to click on the three dots below the post ••• and then click on the checkbox :white_check_mark: :slightly_smiling_face:

OK… got it! I have found it. Thank you very much. :grinning:

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