Audacity 3.0: the audio editor launches a new project format

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Audacity 3.0 is the new major version of this popular open source audio recording and editing application that who else, who less, has ever encountered in their life, and which in fact is usually part of the usual tools and indispensable within its category.

Audacity 3.0 arrives after a long time in the oven, although not as long as the version number might suggest: Audacity 2.0 came out almost exactly nine years ago, but from then until now it has received many updates that fit everything, including fixes, but also new functions. The last - the penultimate actually, the last was maintenance - stable version of Audacity, in fact, it had its small dose of controversy so it took time to be available for Linux.

However, Audacity 3.0 is presented for Linux, Windows and macOS, and it does so with several new features and improvements, although undoubtedly the most prominent in the new project format, whose extension is “.aup3”. The main change from the previous format is that now everything is saved in a single file, so that the entire project is included in it.

Audacity 3.0 allows you to import projects in the old format, but the export must be in the new one.

The new Audacity format uses the SQLite3 database to store all project information in the file, which has its good part and its bad part: the good thing is that the editing of projects “should be a little faster than before"; The bad news is that saving and closing the application will be slower, since the database has to do its job. “We think the tradeoffs are worth it,” say the developers.

“However, this was a big change and we decided that it was too risky to include many others that we wanted to do at the same time, so Audacity 3.0 is almost entirely about this big change of format”, they add, and little else can be done. say about this release. However, the list of new features indicates other news that you will surely be interested in knowing, if you are a user of this application.

Regarding the download of Audacity 3.0, only the source code is available at the moment on the official page, so we will have to wait for the packagers of the distributions to get to work, which in many cases of how they manage updates. For Ubuntu there is a PPA repository and for all distros, the application is also in the Snap Store and Flathub, although it is not updated yet.