Kooha, a simple application to record the desktop from Wayland

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Screencasting continues to be one of the main points to polish in Wayland, although luckily little by little it is improving in that sense. With an OBS Studio starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, today we are going to post about Kooha, a simple screencasting application capable of recording from a Wayland session.

Kooha is a very simple application that aims to be an alternative to the well-known SimpleScreenRecorder, especially since Maarten Baert, developer of SimpleScreenRecorder, does not seem to have much intention of supporting Wayland. This pushes and positions alternatives like Kooha, which apparently have more intentions to look more towards the future.

When we say that Kooha is an alternative to SimpleScreenRecorder for Wayland sessions, we do it because it really is, and for that you just have to see its more than simple interface. A single glance is enough to identify all the elements that can be recorded: entire desktop, an area selected by the user (these first two options are exclusive), device audio, microphone audio, and mouse pointer. When the user starts recording, the interface changes to show a stopwatch and stop button.

Kooha maintains the same simplicity at the configuration level, allowing only to set a delay at the start of recording and change the video format between MVK and WebM. At the moment version 1.1.0 does not allow you to do things like change the frame rate at which it is recorded, although its current state is more than enough for the less demanding.

As you can see, not everything is gold that glitters in Kooha, because for now it is not capable of recording at 60 fps and carries the same problem as OBS Studio with DMA-BUF and Radeon graphics, so the use of that brand Graphics can cause problems with applications that work in full screen. It also doesn’t offer support for KDE Plasma and is currently maintained by a single developer, so we’ll see how long it lasts until it’s discontinued.

Kooha is a free software application published under GPLv3 and can be obtained from Flathub (that is, in Flatpak format). Seeing that SimpleScreenRecorder and other recorders such as Vokoscreen seem to have been anchored in Xorg, Kooha shows itself as an alternative with potential for Wayland users. Now we will see if it has the continuity it needs to support 60 fps, work in environments other than GNOME and above all stay in the limelight.

NOTE: Kooha is present in our repository, in case you want to try it.

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