Moonlight-qt encoder issues after latest update

After the latest update, moonlight now does not read the encoder. The message appears in console:

Failed to find ANY working H.264 or HEVC decoder!

Is there a way to manually point it to the most current h264 encoder?

@Pandaa from the BredOS project may know

Has been resolved, fix posted here:

“kodi-mpp-nexus-git from Aur works for me.
ffmpeg-mpp from Aur also.
mpp-git from Aur.
mesa-panfork-git from Aur.
I hope these are all packages which made my kodi work.

This had fixed encoder on moonlight for me by installing the aur pkgs above.

due to LLVM update when you updated your system it messed up, please update once again as I’ve rebuilt mesa

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And remove LLVM 15 if you installed that

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Thank you, it worked! It appears to be back to normal again.