LXQt 0.17 improves power management and reliability

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LXQt 0.17 is already among us to continue with the evolution of this lightweight desktop environment built with Qt, a framework that over the months is being increasingly questioned due to the changes being applied by the company that controls its development and distribution, but that maintains its pull among many free software projects.

LXQt 0.17 arrives five months after the previous version and brings with it some interesting new features, such as that now the desktop environment is capable of killing all child processes once the session is exited. This saves the latest configurations of non-LXQt applications in case of logging out without first closing the applications and avoids certain problems with crashes and crashes.

Another important addition is the fact that the power manager has incorporated separate idle watchers for battery and powered modes, with an option to disable them in the event of detecting the presence of a window that is operating in full screen (or application that works in full screen). The summary of notifications is as of LXQt 0.17 handled as plain text and XTerm has been added as a runtime dependency.

The panel has received a new option that allows it to be automatically hidden when overlaying a window. Other elements that have been improved from the desktop environment itself are the handling of vector images in SVG format and the fact that the translations “are made entirely through Weblate and are constantly updated for all components”.

Regarding the applications of the environment, the PCManFM-Qt file manager now has full support of the creation date, the ability to create launchers from the Tools menu, better opening of a selection of files of different types, natural navigation to via the desktop keyboard, the default activation of file size limits for the creation of thumbnails and the enablement of the file location dialog, as well as other improvements.

QTerminal and QTermWidget have clarified the “action after pasting” and have changed one of the default values ​​to scroll down by default, added five different modes of background images and a new option allows disabling the paste mode between brackets . On the other hand, LXQt Archiver is now capable of opening and extracting disk images, the window settings have been renamed and the side panel can be scrolled horizontally.

LXQt 0.17 can be installed by compiling its source code or by using a rolling release distribution that makes this process easier by installing precompiled binaries. Those who want to know all the details of this release can consult them in the corresponding list of changes in the project’s GitHub repository.

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