KDE Connect over Bluetooth

Based on X-Ryl669 blog KDE Connect over Bluetooth


On the computer

  • A computer with a working Bluetooth hardware and software
  • BlueZ installed on the computer and also bluez-utils (required for debugging, you can remove it afterward)
  • KDE desktop (sorry Windows and Mac user)
  • Linux system (I’m using Manjaro here for the examples and screenshots)
  • AUR (en) - kdeconnect-bluetooth package

On the smartphone

  • KDE connect app (download version from F-Droid since it doesn’t have the Google’s Play store limitation of not dealing with SMS)
  • if that doesn’t work you may need to download this 3rd party version with bluetooth enabled 4.86 MB file on MEGA
  • Bluetooth (obviously)

Step 1: Prepare KDE connect on your phone

Install KDE connect from F-Droid (or step 0: Install F-Droid). Before launching KDE connect, you’ll need to provide some authorizations (depending on your phone, it might ask you by itself, but it didn’t on mine). So you’ll need to navigate to your Android’s Settings screen and type “Authorization” in the search box. Then select the KDE connect application and allow it to access the phone (sorry no screenshot here)

Step 2: Allow bluetooth connection sharing

Go to your phone’s settings and type “share” in the search box. Then select “Via Bluetooth” page to allow sharing your connection via Bluetooth.

Step 3: Pair your phone to your computer

In your notification tray, click on the Bluetooth icon, and select “Connect”

Then accept the connection on the phone (you might need to go to the Bluetooth setting page first).

Step 4: Set up the network connection over bluetooth

In your notification tray, click on the network icon, then the Bluetooth icon and select “Connect”

Once it’s connected, use the right rectangle to display the details of the connection (you need the IPv4 address):

Step 5: Start KDE connect link on your phone

Start KDE connect on your phone, and click the submenu button on the top right, and “Add a device by IP”. You’ll need to enter the IP address you’ve seen on the network page.

If all goes well, your computer name will appear on the device list on your phone. Click on the icon, and select “Associate”. Click “Accept” on the computer and you’re done.

Step 6: Give all authorizations

In the smartphone, you’ll need to authorize all the features once it has correctly connected. Just follow the instructions displayed on your phone and you’re done!