Is there an online kaban board or Jira board with swimlanes to show defect status?

Greetings to RebornOS,

I have a Raxda Rock 5b. I did have RebornOS on it but could not get the A8 Bluetooth working (currently using Armbian). I saw it was reported and is a known issue, is there an online board where users can see the status of the defects? I am not asking to see the backlog but maybe something like the swimlanes or the status of a ticket to get an idea of the ETA of defects and features. Of course, I am assuming there are Priority and Severity flags set up that can show people where the defect resides during the process.
P0 fixed in 24hrs
P1 fixed in 48hrs.
P2 etc

I know not a great example as this would be indicative of a weekly or bi-monthly release schedule.

Thanks for your time,

Del Mar

No we don’t use such, we use GitHub n stuff. We just do stuff as it comes. And since we haven’t found what’s causing the bluetooth issue with the a8

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