Installed 2 x RebornOs on 2 of my notebooks using the new Reborn-ISO

Hi everyone, tested out the new installers, which are coming with
Plasma 23 and works just fine.
Installed 2 x RebornOs on 2 of my notebooks using the new ISO:

Here though, one has to create first a wifi connection using the network-
manager before the installer would even start.
Having understood this, you are in for a smooth installation.

Just wanted to communicate this, for people who are stuck with
starting the installer on the live system:


Yes we apologize, In the future we will provide a welcome screen to better indicate this

no need, for that I just wanted other people not to stumble on a minor issue,
to get the experience of this really fine operating system.

Thanks again for your great work.

:stuck_out_tongue: a couple of small changes are coming anyway


looking forward to them, and also I do very much appreciate your work : - )

Where can we get this installer?

RebornOS OSDN - Site

there are quite some links, I just picked one of them, for further questions just post here in the forum

The official place to download all the latest versions is at Downloads - RebornOS

That is where the link originates from, RebornOs links their ISO from OSDN net, but you are right starting from RebornOs site you get all ISO sources, sorry for that shortcut.