Installation on Mekotronics devices

I have the Mekotronics R58X and R58S.
I found the installation instructions here: How to Install RebornOS onto a Mekotronics device. | RebornOS Wiki

Should I compile rkdeveloptool, as found here? GitHub - rockchip-linux/rkdeveloptool

After flashing the spl, is it still possible to flash the Android image back on the device?

Any plans to update the Wiki to write the image with Windows?
I’m really looking forward to test RebornOS on a Mekotronics device.

The wiki is still in WIP, to write the android image back to the device follow the exact same steps but instead of putting the ROS img path put the Android one.
And yes that is the repo for rkdeveloptool

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I received the files from Mekotronics and they also delivered a PDF with instructions for the Windows tool.
In short you have to load the cfg for the emmc and select the spl and image file.
Update: Don’t forget to select “Write by Address”.

i updated the wiki with windows instructions but thanks for the video guide

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