Arm Orange pi5 nvme support and bild system

I hace 2 questions:
Opi5 img got support for nvme instalación?

I saw scripts on GitHub about lxqt-opi5-img, i woould like to know the exactly procederé to build a custom img for Orange pi5 device

You need to get the latest spi image and put it on ur spi flash then just flash the latest image of RebornOS ARM for OPI 5 onto the nvme
You can download it from here

Where can i download the lastest spi image?

i saw how to get the spi image from official firmware.

!!! Now my question is how to build a custom image from the Reborn OS scripts. Thanks so much for answer so fast ;))

@gonzalo2099 The image from here can be modified and you can use a script like this to build an image of your own.

The script does not exist anymore in GitHub. At least the link that you give me is dead

I see. It is private and we have to ask @Pandaa if this can be made public

I hope it will be public, ty so much for your answer!!!

Hello, i hope this is the right place for this question. Is it possible to install rebornos to opi5 on a ssd- sata? En where do we put the overlays=ssd-sata if ist possible?

Regards, while is not guarantee all SATA M.2 will work, trascend SATA III worked on Opi5, please feel free to try it, details on the link:

To enable SATA nvme SSD for Orange Pi 5, edit /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf and append :

fdtoverlays /dtbs/rockchip/overlay/rockchip-rk3588-opi5-sata.dtbo

I just ordered a Silicon Power A55 M.2 SSD SATA III to be able to provide a better support on this kind of drives.

Let us know if it works for you.