Disappointed from Mozilla's changes in regard to handling profiles

if I go and copy and backup the profiles of Chromium or Chrome or Vivaldi, or whatever browser
except for Mozilla ( including Thunderbird ),
I can transfer my profile to my next computer, and everything is fine.

Mozilla creates a new profile and ignores completely already existing profiles
if Mozilla or Thunderbird are being installed.

This is very annoying, and I clearly assume Mozilla wants to force users to signup to their
sync services.

My answer to this is, that I degraded Mozilla for the less important tasks in my workflow
and I am searching for alternatives to Thunderbird too. This is not a new story, this
politics was being implemented by Mozilla for some time ago, just now I am fed up with this
and find time to let go of my anger.

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I wonder if there’s a subreddit or a community that can figure out a workaround. Update: There’s a weekly complaint thread on the Firefox subreddit: Sunday Rant/Rage (2021-10-31) - Your weekly complaint thread! - https://www.reddit.com/r/firefox/comments/qjgopz/sunday_rantrage_20211031_your_weekly_complaint/

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There;s a workaround including sep sync services.

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I recommend reading the following information from Mozilla about the use of profiles in Firefox:


The link you sent appears to solve the problem,
still, there is my claim why Mozilla creates a new profile, when one is already there, makes no

Anyways, thanks for your post.

I tried X-Browsersync, but somehow I messed up, and wind up with lost
bookmarks … : - ) but then I think I will be going with a simple profile
backup that is straight forward and do not have to sign up for a third party
sync : - )

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