Worldwide fall of Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram

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Once again, the services of the social giant have collapsed and many users around the world denounce where they can - in many cases, on Twitter, although all the media are echoing the problem - the fall or numerous failures connectivity in services such as Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram … among others.

It is not yet clear what the fall was due to this time, but everything indicates that it could be another of those failures that cause cold sweats to the administrators who are at the foot of the canyon. More details are yet to be known and at the moment the affected companies, mainly Facebook, have not reported anything in particular.

Given that both Facebook and Instagram are completely down, only WhatsApp - the only one that has an official Twitter account - has been able to publish the typical message of “we are aware of the problems and we are working to return to normality”, without further data about.

However, as we have pointed out, although Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram are the most named due to their importance, the fall would be affecting many other services, in a more or less intense way, including complete drops or persistent connectivity failures. For the moment, yes, only with those belonging to Facebook would have communicated something.

However, fall detection services such as DownDetector collect problems in Spain from other social networks such as TikTok, but also with Amazon Services, responsible for the web hosting of a multitude of popular services; in providers such as Movistar, Orange or Vodafone; and, ultimately, in a long list of services, although DownDetector is based on the opinions of users on the networks.

In any case, the bulk of the reports and complaints revolve around the three Facebook services and the first notices began at 5:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time). More than two later, they continue to fall and neither Facebook nor WhatsApp nor Instagram have returned online … and this is how it is at the time of publishing this entry.

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Facebook and Instagram already came back, but very unstable. Whatsapp wen’t on for a few minutes but is broken at this time. And Telegram suffered the effects: many people migrated and probably their servers felt the swarm of new ou returned users…