Suggestion or question about repos

A question just rushed through my mind: would it be possible or would it make sense to include Blackarch repos into rebornOs, also I am not sure what additional workload it would pose?

If their package releases are almost as prompt as those of Arch Linux (i.e. if they don’ hold back their packages for too long, like Manjaro does), there would be no problem including BlackArch repos

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Thanks, now I understand, what the key question to that really is.
Actually, Garuda Linux, includes them out of the box. So maybe it would be
a good idea, not just for me, to do it on my PC, but eventually as a preset of RebornOS ?

Maybe the packages you need are on Chaotic-AUR, it’s quite easy to enable this repo

Could be a nice addition to the distro to enable it by default

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I believe our users are likely to trust Arch Linux and RebornOS (since they decided to install RebornOS). Adding an extra repo in pacman.conf is likely going to be an opt-in feature within an app.



I see that, but I would do it as a personal choice : - ) thanks for your answer

coool, this is also a very interesting idea : - )

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done append, chaotic-aur,
since AUR was kind of heavyweight ( in terms of time and effort )
I never used AUR

I also would use chaotic-aur only for some special app cases.
RebornOs has a ton of apps to choose from, even without AUR
and Snap. :slight_smile:

Glad having chosen RebornOs after all :slight_smile: