"pacman -Syu" issue

hey everyone, someone has an idea what can I do with this message? thanks : - )

sudo pacman -Syu
:: Synchronizing package databases...
error: failed to synchronize all databases (no servers configured for repository)
[andy@andy1 ~]$ 

Check if you can run refresh-mirrors-rebornos

sudo refresh-mirrors-rebornos.sh

coool, how simple solution, many thanks :slight_smile:

Are you able to update now?

yes sir , thx : - )

sudo pacman -Syu
:: Synchronizing package databases…
Reborn-OS is up to date
core is up to date
extra 1569,4 KiB 4,85 MiB/s 00:00 [--------------------------------------------------] 100%
community 5,8 MiB 6,53 MiB/s 00:01 [--------------------------------------------------] 100%
multilib is up to date

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