Cant turn on night light. i used (redshift & wlsunset) but they are not working

i just installed Rebirn OS, so im new to this, ive tried different arch distros but for reborn os im new, nice to meet u all.

So im having trouble to set night light option on the display. im using sway as Window Manager.


The Arch Wiki suggests this:

On Sway 1.0 and other wlroots-based compositors, as well as Orbital, Redshift fork gammastep, clightAUR, wlsunset-gitAUR, or wl-gammarelayAUR can be used.

Install any one of the above packages (like gammastep, clight, wlsunset-git, or wl-gammarelay and use).

Source: Backlight - ArchWiki